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Chris Mallon

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Chris is one of the founders of Fulcrum Partners.

Chris formerly led the Skadden Arps European restructuring practice for many years and was in practice there and at other leading law firms in London for over thirty years. Amongst others, he has acted for BCCI, Enron, Global Crossing, Worldcom, Eurotunnel, Gate Gourmet, Parmalat, ResCap, British Vita, Torm, Excel, Danaos, Evraz and Mechel.

Since retiring from Skadden at the end of 2018 Chris has beenboard member of  GCX Ltd taking it through its chapter 11 restructuring; and worked with Swissport management as an advisor and director of one of the scheme companies as it went through its recent comprehensive restructuring.

Chris is a former president of the Insolvency Lawyers Association, a member of the International Insolvency Institute and the co-editor of The Law and Practice of Restructuring in the UK and the US (OUP). He was a board member of Swissport Fuelling Limited, the Swissport scheme company and the designated Foreign Representative on the chapter 15 applications.

Away from work, Chris is a keen cyclist and oarsman and spends a lot of time in the hills of his native Scotland. He is also very interested in music, literature, theatre and a supporter of the arts generally.